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Longarm Quilting Service
At Pieceful Gathering we have our own Gammill Statler Stitcher Longarm quilting machine located in the upstairs portion of our shop.  We have three very talented quilters who would love to help you create a beautifully finished quilt. Please be assured that the love and care that you have already devoted to your quilt will be continued here at Pieceful Gathering.  You can bring your quilt top into the shop at any time (no appointment necessary), or you can mail us your quilt if you live farther away.  We will contact you as soon as your quilt arrives in the shop to let you know that we received it and discuss quilting options.

Quilting Service Log-in Form
Print and fill out your quilt log-in form ahead of time!  We are also happy to help you fill it out in the shop.  If you plan to mail a quilt to us for quilting, please include a filled out copy of this form with your quilt.  Pictures of a few of our favorite quilting designs are below for you to choose from.

How to Prepare Your Quilt:

  • Square up quilt top and backing, and clean all loose threads (threads needing to be trimmed by us may incur a charge).
  • All quilts tops should be pressed to flatten the seams. 
  • Borders larger than 5" should be stay-stitched all the way around.
  • We recommend that you purchase your batting from us.  We carry Quilters Dream Batting in 100% cotton and 80/20 blend.  If you do wish to provide your own batting, it must be at least 5 inches larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.
  • Backing material must be at least 5 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides.  Remove all selvages and if the back is pieced the seams need to be pressed open.
  • All completed quilts are squared up at no additional charge.
For longarm quilting, we charge by the square yard*.  Pantographs (edge to edge designs) and overall meanders range from $28 to $35 per square yard.  Semi-custom is $45 per square yard and up and Custom starts at $65 per square yard.  There will also be a $8 to $12 thread fee and batting is sold separately.  For a free estimate call or stop in any time. 

*To determine how many square yards your quilt is, multiply the length (in inches) times the width (in inches) and then divide by 1,296. 
Pieceful Quilting Designs:
We have hundreds of pantographs (edge to edge designs) for you to choose from.  Pick a pattern from some of our favorites shown below, or let our quilters pick one for you.  If choosing your own, be sure to list the complete name on your quilt take-in form.  



Tickel Too
Pieceful Gathering Designs has a number of patterns that are available for wholesale.

Please contact the shop directly (847) 516-7911, or email us at for further information.
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